What better possibility is there to test an ATV on its endurance by sending it on a journey, which has more than 14.000 km and thousands of
metres in altitude, on unpaved streets and over massifs from India back to Germany? Since this is not enough, the vehicle pulls an 800 kg trailer
behind it the entire time, which serves as a caravan for the adventure. The AMX 6.46 has done a good job and brought Gerry Mayr with strong
health back to Germany.
During the whole time the AMX 6.46 EFI was in action at an average of 8 hours a day – regardless of whether it was driven over sticks and stones
or on one of the uncountable, unpaved streets from India or Pakistan. The expression EXTREME would downplay the forces and the burden, which
influenced the AMX at that challenge. The ATV was consciously tested far from its breaking point to get new information and results about the
vehicle in extreme situations.
Moreover it is worth mentioning the fact, that the drive belt of the AMX did not have to be exchanged. Furthermore the massive hitch managed to
withstand the enormous burden without any problems and pulled the more than 800 kg caravan across Asia back to Germany.
On occasion of the successful load test, the manufacturer of ACCESS MOTOR took the chance to launch a new production series of the AMX 6.46
called TRANSASIA EDITION, which is limited by 108 pieces. Beside a new decor- and fullequipment the purchaser receives a certificate of the
manufacturer as well as a limited picture book of the Transasia journey.

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