AccessMotor was established in 2005, based in Taiwan.

Yet, at the time AccessMotor was founded, we faced a huge difficulty immediately: the decline of the ATV industry. Although the ATV industry used to be profitable, however without building brands and developing techniques, Taiwanese factories started to be replaced. To survive, AccessMotor need to be more dedicated in our products and operations. From Mini series, AccessMotor launches new products every year and also keeps improving the quality.

Afterwards, AccessMotor faced another problem: engine supply. None of engines works perfectly with out demands, so we made a determination to develop our own engines. Although it is a great challenge and we are aware form all sides that it would cost tons of time, money and efforts, we are clear that this is a must-do for a long term. The knowledge of engines is crucial for an ATV manufacture, the technique need to be controlled by ourselves. Hence, we recruit many professional talents and work with researching institutions including Electric Motor Technology Research Center. Now we successfully developed Turbo engines and EFI engines.

In 2014, AccesMotor official announced that Access Motor does OEM no more; we develop our brand as “Access Motor” from now on. Hope the world could see our spirit of challenge and aggressiveness of soaring.